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Cincinnati, Ohio

Friday, November 30, 2018 at 5:00 PM
Presented by the Contemporary Arts Center and Over-the-Rhine Chamber of Commerce

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Rain date: Saturday, DEC 1

Join us for caroling CAC style, with a parade of boomboxes and wireless speakers, each blasting one of four tracks to create a swirling blizzard of sound through the streets of Over-the-Rhine.

This inaugural Cincinnati edition of Unsilent Night will begin at the Washington Park Porch for warm beverages, music set up and fun-filled DIY projects to help light up the night. Then we will head over to the gazebo at 6:00 and begin our winding path through the holiday lights of Over-the-Rhine.

Fun for all ages. It is recommended that you bring a cell phone, but wireless speakers and boom boxes add to the experience. 

Feel free to wear holiday attire or light up the night with a fun glowing costume!

“Phil Kline's postmodern boombox caroling walk is more than just performance art: It's a demonstration of community.” -Time Out New York

"A marvelously fluid, traveling spatial sound sculpture that disintegrates and reforms at nearly every stop light. This is a holiday tradition that could give new music a good name." -Village Voice

Partners: OTR Chamber of Commerce + Washington Park


Cincinnati! There are more than 30 other cities doing Unsilent Night with you. Share photos and videos of yours with the rest of the worldwide community.

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